Employment Counseling and Placement

CFLS provides employment counseling, job search assistance, resume assistance, mock interviewing and meaningful employment for the families in our programs and women returning home from a period of incarceration. Many of our programs rely on employment services to help participants get back on their feet.

Our counselor first offers an employment assessment for each client. Resume and job development then prepare the client for entering the workforce. To secure employment, the counselor networks and consults with employers and community organizations. Currently we have 34 partnered employers. By maintaining these relationships and monitoring trends in the workplace, CFLS helps clients progress toward a better future. For more information, contact Alexandria Bushrod at 202-347-0511 Ext 3070 or ABushrod@cflsdc.org.

A recent success story:

A client initially came to CFLS as a transitional housing client at Trinity Arms. She felt trapped and unfulfilled at her current job. However, during a session with our employment counselor, she indicated that she received a paralegal associate's degree in 2006. The employment counselor then helped update her resume and began to network with local law firms.

A lawyer hired her as an intern after receiving a character reference from CFLS. She then rearranged her work schedule to accommodate this internship. With the promise of a full-time position, she worked tirelessly at the firm. However, she continued to provide for her family and work long hours at the restaurant. In May of 2013 after having completed her internship, the firm offered her a full-time position with benefits, including funding to continue her education.

A women met with our employment coordinator after having served 33 years in a state prison.   She was seeking supports, guidance and employment.  Through our employment relationships we were able to assist her to acquire two job offers.  She is now gainfully employed and successfully contributing as a productive DC Citizen.  After only three months on the job she was recently awarded a raise for excellent performance.