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about the

Speaker’s bureau


 CFLS’ Speaker’s Bureau is a place where women, who have been victimized, homeless, victims of human trafficking and who have been previously incarcerated, have a venue to learn to speak publically about their lived experiences thus educating the community about their needs while spreading the message about this growing issue.  The Speakers Bureau allows speakers to define ways the audience can be of help both financially and through volunteerism and advocacy, as well as to provide an opportunity to earn income while learning to speak publicly.  This marks a notable expansion of CFLS’ employment services, diversifying the options offered to women to gain skills and to earn income by educating the community about how women move from hopelessness to hopefulness. 

For this project we will host a cohort of 10 participants.  In addition to the coaching relationship the cohort will participate in 20 hours of public speaking training.    In this training, speakers will learn about themselves through the process of self-discovery, receive in the moment feedback from fellow participants, will learn the basics of public speaking and develop action plans for increased competence and confidence.  Prior to the training each participant will complete an assessment form so we can match the leader with the coach that will best suit their individual needs.  All coaches for this project are professionally trained and experienced with coaching certificates and are considered subject matter experts in their profession. 

The project strives to reach the following:

  • Participants will earn an income and gain a valuable public speaking skill that will aid them in their current and future goals

  • Participants will educate the community about the experience of how gender impacts their recovery from domestic violence, homelessness and incarceration

  • Participants will help dispel the myths and stereotypes about what it’s like to survive and endure domestic violence, human trafficking, incarceration and homelessness and sometimes all four.

  • Participants will increase their confidence and accountability to act on their own ideas and decisions and will begin to shape and strengthen an effective public speaking style.

  • Leaders will be intentional in their choices and will be conscious of those external factors that may be influencing the understanding of their personal and professional goals.

current, ongoing and upcoming events

Throughout the year, CFLS hosts a number of special events aimed at raising funds and educating the community about the causes and consequences of homelessness and the unique plights faced by women reintegrating back into society after a period of incarceration.




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