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Early Intervention Services & Health Equity

 Through our Early Intervention Services we target at risk individuals and justice involved women through a comprehensive continuum of women’s reentry programming. A period of incarceration has a tremendous impact on one’s ability to effectively manage their health, so we offer education, testing, and linking to wellness and health care. Our goal is to reach as many as possible, teach all who will listen, test everyone in need, link to services that will guide, and keep clients connected to care. We are committed to client engagement to ensure adherence to treatment.
Our Approach

Find ‘Em

Through its women’s reentry continuum of care programs and services and other community supports, CFLS identifies, assess and address the needs of individuals who engage in behaviors that place them at risk for spreading or contracting HIV.

Test ‘Em
CFLS engages women in various activities designed to reduce harm, build supports, educate, connect, provide testing and counseling using OraQuick®, and create an environment of services and supports.

Teach ‘Em
Through its events in the jails, prisons and community, CFLS provides information about methods to prevent the spread and contracting of HIV and we provide information about Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP), to lower the client’s chances of getting infected.

Link ‘Em

CFLS links clients to its current services and refers them to our partners for additional supports.

Keep ‘Em

To ensure consistent access, CFLS Case Managers complete intakes in the jails and prisons weekly thus allowing CFLS access to a full range of medical services on behalf of the client upon their release.

Our Programs

We are committed to client engagement to ensure adherence to treatment.

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