ASHLEY MCSWAIN, LGSW, MSOD


When Community Family Life Services first opened our doors in 1969, our founders were driven by the values of faith, service, and social justice.


We opened our doors to citizen returning from prison and jail who needed help gaining a foothold in our community. We opened our doors to the poor and the hungry who needed food and shelter.  We opened our doors to families with children who needed mentorship and guidance.  We opened our doors to those in need.

And thanks to the long standing support of First Lutheran Church, foundations, and to our generous donors such as you, we’ve helped tens of thousands of DC residents, regardless of their faith, to reach their full-potential.  

Community Family Life Services is a small organization, with a big goal - to end homelessness in Washington, D.C.

We know how to do it.  It requires providing housing along with a blanket of support services such as employment training, childcare, transportation, mentorship, and substance abuse counseling.   

We have the services and the staff to achieve our goal.  But the problem of homelessness is too amorphous. And the need is too great.  

But we’re not giving up. We’re sharpening our focus and we’re retuning to our roots.  

Women returning from prison are one of the most underserved groups  in the city.  They are at high risk of falling into homelessness or slipping back to a life of crime.  We can help. We can make a transformational difference in their lives.


For almost 25 years, I’ve worked with women caught in the criminal justice system.  As the new executive director of Community Family Life Services, I’m excited to continue our mission to end homeless and help people live to their full-potential. And I’m excited to focus our efforts on women returning home.