HIV prevention


At Community Family Life Services, your health matters! Our HIV Prevention and Outreach Services is committed to educating women and providing resources to maintain their physical and mental well-being. 


Our general services include but are not limited to:


  • HIV 101 and Confidential Rapid HIV Testing (by appointment).

  • Individual & group Health Education sessions with a Certified Health Education Specialist.

  • Access to free condoms, dental dams, and feminine hygiene products

  • Assistance with referrals to services.


In addition, we partner with organizations such as Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF), House of Ruth and Fairview Halfway House to conduct workshops on various health and mental health issues such as HIV 101, Self Esteem, Grief and Loss, Anger Management and How Comfortable Are You with Yourself. The women that access this service are incarcerated and/or part of the returning citizen’s population.


For more information about the Women's Wellness - HIV Prevention and Outreach Services, contact Shelby Wallington at (202) 750-6024 or