Parent Education and Home Visitor’s Program

Parent Education and Home Visitor’s Program was designed to support the stability of the District of Columbia’s most at-risk families living in Wards 5, 6, 7 and 8.  The Home Visitor’s Program addresses and seeks to prevent child abuse and neglect by strengthening and empowering parents and families through group parent education sessions and individual sessions with families. Through close relationships between CFLS case managers and participating families, we are able to provide knowledge on parenting and child development, a safe social connection, social skills and counseling interventions.


Parent Education and Home Visitor’s Program uses Nurturing Skills for Families curriculum, which is part of an evidence based program called The Nurturing Parenting Programs for Parents and Infants. This program has proven to effectively treat and prevent the recurrence of child abuse and neglect.  We pair parent education sessions with home visits to build strong relationships with parents and to support them in establishing healthy and nurturing parenting skills. It is also an opportunity for parents to share questions and concerns that they are hesitant to address during a group setting.

We also believe that providing opportunities to be part of social events for families has been an additional avenue for social connection, social support and role modeling.  In 2016, CFLS served 99 families and 155 children!

For more information about Parenting and Family Education Home Visitors Program, contact Bridget Robinson at (202)-864-6302 or,