Parent Education


       i.  The Parenting Program is providing support to clients via Zoom video conference and over the telephone.


       ii. Presently we are facilitating virtual Parenting Group and Individual Sessions at the following locations:


                          a.  Group Sessions

                                   i.   Griffin House

                                   ii.  Fairview Halfway House

                                   iii. Trinity Arms

                                   iv. Olaiya’s Cradle

                                   v.  Jubilee Housing 

                          b.   Individual Sessions

                                   i.   North West Pregnancy Center

                                   ii.  Goodwill Excel Center


         ii.  Parenting Application and Assessment Forms are linked below. All forms should be completed at the time of enrollment.




If you want CFLS to facilitate a virtual parenting group, please contact Bridget Robinson at

Parenting Enrollment Applications:

     Application for Services

  Assessment – NSCS Pre-Test

  Assessment – AAPI-2 Pre-Test