How to become a member of the cfls speakers bureau

​The CFLS Speakers Bureau is now recruiting candidates for participation and will host a new cohort of public speaking training beginning in August 2019. Participants selected for this initiative are required to participate in 35 hours of paid training as well as introduction and conclusion sessions, will be assigned a professional individual coach, and will become eligible to participate in paid speaking engagements upon completion of the program. Participants will also sharpen their literacy and presentation skills, all competencies that will serve in personal and professional life. 

Participants of Speakers Bureau Cohort 2 will be paid $25.00 per hour for 25 hours of paid training which will be divided into payments. In order to build the cohort experience, participation in the program will require full attendance at all meetings and convenings.
Selected applicants will have an opportunity to engage in an individualized coaching engagement with an experienced professional coach. Members will be assigned a coach upon acceptance into the program and will utilize their coaching to tackle issues pertaining to self-improvement. In each coaching meeting, the Speakers Bureau member will choose the focus of conversation while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions. These interactions are designed to create clarity and inspire public speaking skills. Coaching accelerates member progress by providing focus, strengthening awareness, concentrating on the member's current positioning and what the member is willing to do to get where they want to be in the future. The process is intended to emphasize that program results are a matter of intentions, choices, and actions, supported by coach efforts and application of the coaching process.   
At the end of each cohort, members will be asked to participate in a focus group designed to capture their Speakers Bureau experience contributing to the continued improvement of the program. 

Please note: Full attendance at all training sessions is required as a prerequisite to eligibility for speaking engagements.

If you are interested in applying for this great opportunity, please fill out the application including a professional recommendation form and copy of your resume.


All submissions and inquiries to Speakers Bureau Staff Miracle Smith, mgsmith@cflsdc.org,




                                                Community Family Life Services (CFLS) Speakers Bureau Application 


Thank you for your interest in the CFLS Speakers Bureau! This initiative is an opportunity for you to learn to speak publicly about your lived experiences. As a member of the Speakers Bureau, you will have opportunities to educate the community on your areas of expertise, advocate for the issues closest to you, and effect change in policies and practices. Through your stories, you will promote awareness and empower other women who are struggling alone or in silence. Our Speakers Bureau members have served as panelists and presenters for events held by The Atlantic; Convergence Center for Policy Resolution; Vera Institute; Maryland Department of Health; and more.


Those accepted into the program will be required to attend seven classes in total. You will be paid $25.00 per hour for 25 hours of training, which will be divided into two payments.  The first session and the last session are unpaid. You will begin to accrue payments beginning classes 2-6. So that we can build the cohort experience, participation in the program will require you to attend all classes, meetings and engagements. Payments will not be made if you do not complete all 35 hours of the program. Once you have completed the training, you will be expected to complete one unpaid practice engagement. You then will be eligible to receive paid speaking contracts. Failing to complete all program requirements will leave you ineligible for paid opportunities. 


Additionally, if selected, you will receive 5 hours of individualized coaching, therapy or mentorship, which you will select as part of your team of Speakers Bureau supports. These interactions are designed to create clarity and hone your public speaking skills. Your team of supports will help accelerate your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of where you want to be in the future. At the end of the program, you will be asked to participate in a focus group, interviews, and surveys designed to capture your experience so that we can continually improve the program. As a participant you will also sharpen your literacy and presentation skills, all competencies that will serve you in your personal and professional life.   


       **Since participation in all meetings is required for payment we will list the timeline below for your consideration.** 

                                                                     CFLS Speakers Bureau Timeline

                              Acceptance in the program requires attendance and participation in ALL 7 classes  


January 6                                             Application period opens


January 18                                           Information Session, Saturday 10am – 11am


January 21                                           Information Sesson

ion, Tuesday 10am – 11am


January 31                                           Application due by 5:00pm 


March 23                                             Acceptances sent out this week; applicants are

                                                            given 3 days to accept or opportunity is passed to



April 4, 2020                                       First Public Speaking Training 10:00am-3:00pm  


April 11, 2020                                     Second Public Speaking Training 10:00-3:00pm  


April 18, 2020                                     Third Public Speaking Training 10:00-3:00pm  


April 25, 2020                                     Fourth Public Speaking Training 10:00-3:00pm 


May 2, 2020                                        Fifth Public Speaking Training 10:00-3:00pm


May 9, 2020                                        Sixth Public Speaking Training 10:00-3:00pm


May 16, 2020                                      Seventh Public Speaking Training and Closing Ceremony 10:00-3:00pm


May/June 2019                                    Practice Engagements  


July 2020                                             Paid Speaking Engagements will begin 




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