The Speakers Bureau has hosted dozens of learning opportunities for community members and service providers. Our Women Centric Criminal Justice Discussions highlight the lived experience of Speakers Bureau members with the criminal legal system. Through these discussions the Speakers Bureau is advancing the conversation about the unique experiences of women in the US justice system. We do this through educating advocates, direct service providers, and members of law enforcement about the nuanced, intersectional issues of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women. 

In August 2021, we will be hosting MORE THAN: A Survivor-Led Conference on the Intersection of Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice. Through the consultation of the Speakers Bureau, this conference will offer a handful of thought-provoking seminars to explore how experiences with abuse can lead to criminal justice involvement, how returning home after incarceration can leave survivors vulnerable to further abuse, and how race and experiences with the justice system impact individual responses to domestic violence.