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The CFLS Speakers Bureau is a place where survivors of trauma such as victimization, homelessness, and incarceration learn to speak publicly and educate the community about the issues closest to them. Participants learn how to communicate their lived experiences in compelling testimony for lawmakers, nonprofits, and criminal justice and community stakeholders.


Those selected for this program are offered a paid 35-hour training in public speaking hosted by experts in the field. Each trainee is also offered the opportunity to work closely with a professional leadership coach, mentor, and/or therapist to aid their professional and personal development.


In training, CFLS Speakers Bureau members undergo the process of self-discovery, receive in-the-moment feedback from fellow participants and session trainers, learn the basics of public speaking, develop coping skills for speaking about their trauma, and create action plans for increased competence and confidence.  Most importantly, the Speakers Bureau creates a sense of community that fosters healing and change. 

Upon the completion of this program women will be available for hire to speak on various topics throughout the community including but not limited to women’s reentry, domestic violence, human trafficking, homelessness, and HIV prevention and awareness. 


The project strives to achieve the following:

  • Participants will earn an income and gain a valuable public speaking skill that will aid them in their current and future goals.

  • Participants will educate the community about the experience of how gender impacts their recovery from domestic violence, homelessness, and incarceration.

  • Participants will help dispel the myths and stereotypes about what it is like to survive and endure domestic violence, human trafficking, incarceration and homelessness and often times a conglomerate of all four.

  • Participants will increase their confidence and accountability to act on their own ideas and decisions.

  • Participants will begin to shape and strengthen an effective public speaking style.

  • Participants will strengthen leadership skills, rehearse intentional decision-making, and develop consciousness of external factors that may be influencing the understanding of their personal and professional goals.

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