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The fight to end HIV/AIDS is not over yet! More than 10 million people now benefit from medication that has transformed AIDS from a death sentence, to a chronic yet manageable disease. As a result, the number of people dying from AIDS continues to fall. The number of new HIV infections has dropped in many parts of the world, but there's still work to be done.

Held for the past 32 years, the Walk & 5K to End HIV is Whitman-Walker Health’s signature fundraiser that calls on thousands of Washington, DC area residents to strap up their shoes and walk or run to support WWH’s mission of providing dependable, high-quality, comprehensive and accessible health care to those infected or affected by HIV.

We encourage you to join our CFLS team, the CFLS Wellness Warriors, in supporting the cause to end the HIV/AIDS, by registering yourself, family, friends and others to walk or run this fall. Please stay tuned for details.

As a community partner for Whitman Walker Health’s Walk & 5K to End HIV, half the money we raised will benefit our medical case management program which is designed to support individuals living with HIV or AIDS to insure they have access to and can utilize necessary medical, mental health and other supportive services within the community.

We will continue to walk hand in hand with our community partners, families, friends and neighbors to stand up for the lives of people we love who have been forever touched by HIV/AIDS.

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june 28th

Throughout the year, CFLS hosts a number of special events aimed at raising funds and educating the community about the causes and consequences of homelessness and the unique plights faced by women reintegrating back into society after a period of incarceration.

may 14th

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Walk & 5k To End HIV


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