Women’s Reentry Housing Initiative


Female returning citizens, especially those with children, face far greater barriers accessing the few available resources than the general population. Currently, there are limited housing programs in DC that accepts homeless women immediately upon release from jail or prison and allow immediate reunification with their children. Women are often released without access to housing which prolongs the separation between themselves and their children, placing an undue burden upon the caregiver and continuing the strain on the family relationship. The majority of women entangled in the criminal justice system have been convicted of non-violent drug-related crimes, have lived in poverty almost all their entire lives and cycle in and out of the criminal justice system because they have limited access to rehabilitation programs while incarcerated and find little support upon release.


To address these unique challenges, Community Family Life Services (CFLS) provides housing for four families headed by women returning home from a period of incarceration and who have been victims of trauma. We provide intensive case management, mental health referrals, parenting supports to help them reach self-sufficiency, leading to permanent housing.


Eligibility Criteria:


  • Applicants must be a DC resident, having been released from prison or jail within the last 90 days or are within four months of being released and are returning to live within the DC community.  

  • Applicants must agree to participate in services that address trauma, mental health and substance abuse and complete our in house parenting program including working with our parenting case manager.  

  • Applicants must have legal full or partial custody of children under the age of 18 who will live in the home with the client at least part time.  Part time custody is deemed a minimum of three days per week. 


For more information, contact Director of Reentry Services, Michelle Holmes at (202) 864-6308 or Mholmes@cflsdc.org.