Women’s Reentry


The Women’s Reentry Program at Community Family Life Services (CFLS) targets justice involved women in DC with a focus on women who are incarcerated at the Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF), the Fairview Halfway House and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) facilities in Philadelphia, PA and Hazelton, WV.  Case managers visit CTF weekly, the Fairview Halfway House bi-monthly, and each FBOP facility quarterly, to provide pre-release services to women and to create continuity of care between incarceration and the community.

Our case managers provide intensive case management to women housed at CTF, with a focus on sentenced misdemeanants, to draft a reentry plan and begin to enact that plan prior to release and continuing into the community. Case management begins – once women opt into the program – by conducting an assessment to identify strengths and needs and then begin to build a plan to address identified needs and help women work towards stability.

Although services are less frequent, visits to the Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities are an important way in which CFLS bridges the gap between incarceration and the community for women that are housed further away. Currently, CFLS is one of few DC community-based providers, who are providing services at the FBOP facilities in Hazelton, WV and Philadelphia, PA.

For more information, contact April Shepherd at (202) 864-6307 or Ashepherd@cflsdc.org.