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Women's Wellness

CFLS believes in the power of a shared vision, building a sense of commitment in a group setting by developing images of the future we seek to create, and the principles and guiding practices by which we hope to get there. We deliver a series of comprehensive sessions that equip participants to fully implement the knowledge gained.
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Women’s Wellness Retreat

The Women’s Wellness Retreat is a critical component of our Early Intervention Services, where we target justice involved women through a continuum of women’s reentry programming. A period of incarceration has a tremendous impact on one’s ability to effectively manage their health, so we offer education, testing, and linking to wellness and health care. Our goal is to reach as many as possible, teach all who will listen, test everyone in need, link to services that will guide, and keep clients connected to care.

We are committed to client engagement to ensure adherence to treatment and look forward to a series of comprehensive sessions that will leave participants equipped to fully implement the knowledge gained.

Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our distinguished partners. Together, we can do more to support women in the District of Columbia who are returning home following a period of incarceration. For more information, please contact Shelby Wallington at
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