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Passport to Success App

The Passport to Success App is a tool that gives clients control of their own data and thus their own journey to success. Clients who have experienced domestic violence, or who are homeless or who have been to prison or jail often do not have current information to facilitate their forward movement often delaying their ability to apply for programs, access services or even put their children into childcare, forcing them to be reliant on others to tell them information about their own lives which can be frustrating and demoralizing. The passport allows clients to store information in one place thus creating opportunities for them to address their own needs and to have access to information that describe their own circumstance. By giving clients a tool that puts them in charge of their own data, they feel empowered, liberated, and have more control over their own life and their own choices.

The beauty of this passport is that it is a tool for both clients AND case managers. Frequently, case managers work with clients who can’t remember or have lost pertinent information which then can significantly delay essential services. This passport not only allows case managers to work in partnership with the clients as they fill out the passport and collect relevant information, it also breaks down barriers and builds a shared experience ensuring clients receive necessary services without delay. Isolation and a sense of being completely alone, plagues our clients and is the number one cause of despair and apathy. The “Passport to Success” tool takes away the feeling of helplessness, makes clients feel less like they are at the mercy of a strenuous system and gives them the power and confidence to take control of their journey with their case managers by their side, as their partner.

How It Works

Check out the videos below to learn more about how the Passport to Success App works and benefit our clients. We encourage social service agencies to download our “Passport to Success” App. We would be thrilled for you to provide feedback as to how it was used and whether your case managers and clients found it useful.


The Passport to Success tool is now available in both the Google Play and App Stores.

To download a desktop version, please Click Here.

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