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The CFLS Speakers Bureau is a syndicate of women who speak professionally on their powerful lived experiences. Speakers Bureau members are fierce and resilient women who wish to share their stories with the world in order to empower others and effect change. 

While we are based in the District of Columbia, our members are invited to speak on local and national platforms on the following topics. 


Our scope is not limited to this list. Please reach out to us and we can have a conversation about what you’re looking for.


  • Addiction/Substance use disorder 

  • Black women’s access to healthcare 

  • Childhood abuse 

  • Children of incarcerated parents 

  • Disability Rights 

  • Domestic violence and its far-reaching effects  

  • Foster Care/Experiences on both ends of Child Protective Services 

  • Gun violence 


  • Homelessness & housing access 

  • Human Trafficking 

  • ICE Detention 

  • Immigration 

  • Incarceration and Reentry 

  • LGBTQ+ experiences 

  • Mental Health 

  • Muslim women’s access to healthcare 

  • Police interactions 

  • Racial Justice 

  • Sex Offenses 

  • Sex Work 

  • Solitary Confinement 

  • Wrongful convictions 

  • Youth Incarceration 



The Speakers Bureau never asks one of its members to participate in an event or provide consultation without compensation. The speaking fee you pay goes directly to the speaker you are hiring for her preparation time, related travel or internet expenses, and the contribution of her expertise. For most engagements, an additional fee is typically added to support the work of the CFLS Speakers Bureau and our mission. 

Engagement rates are negotiated on a per-engagement basis. If you are interested in hiring a member of the Speakers Bureau, please contact our Partnerships Coordinator Joe D’Antonio at jdantonio@cflsdc.org

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