As part of its wraparound services for reentry and justice-affected women, CFLS provides filing assistance, counsel, representation, and referral services for clients’ legal needs. Our legal department is committed to removing barriers to the establishment and preservation of individual freedom, income stability, personal safety, housing stability, and family structures. 

Meet Our Team

Risheena Schwemle – Attorney at Law  

Risheena is the CFLS Legal Department Attorney, providing legal assistance to reentry and justice affected women. Her goal is to help remove the barriers that impede a successful integration back into the community. As someone who believes that access to justice and legal services should not depend solely on one’s income, she has dedicated her career to serving low income and indigent clients for non-profits and government agencies. Barred in both D.C. and Maryland, Risheena’s 20+ years of knowledge and legal experience is now focused on guiding the CFLS Legal Department in its task of addressing the variety of legal needs of our clients. 


Tim Perkins – Public Ally and Legal Assistant 

Tim is a Public Ally and AmeriCorps volunteer who is helping to advance the goals of the new legal department. A graduate of Emory University, Tim previously worked as a program assistant with the American Political Science Association as well as an intern with the Family Division of a New Jersey courthouse. Most recently, he also worked in Madrid, Spain, where he taught English and organized events to foster cross-cultural dialogue on pressing social issues. In his free time, Tim loves to hike, practice yoga, and play soccer with his friends.

How We Help

After calling, emailing, or walking in during our drop-in hours, we will assist you through a general intake process that is designed to better understand who you are and what you are experiencing. One of our trained staff members will review your legal and non-legal needs so that we can determine what services we may be able to provide. 

Please note that completing an intake or speaking with anyone about your case does not guarantee that we can provide representation, counsel, or additional assistance. We will work together to determine the best path forward and notify you of the next steps. 

Connect With Us

Phone: 1-833-888-0434 (toll-free) 


Drop-In: You can stop by to speak with our Legal Assistant during the following hours: 

               Tuesday: 10:00am to 4:00pm (closed between 1-2pm for lunch) 

               Thursday: 10:00pm to 4:00pm (closed between 1-2pm for lunch) 

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