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Community Family Life Services

Community Family Life Services has been in existence since 1969 and is a nonprofit that provides children, families, and adults with the tools they need to move themselves beyond poverty and homelessness. We also support women who are returning home following a period of incarceration by assisting them as they move into permanent self-sufficiency. Through a one-stop service delivery model that is gender and trauma informed, we have developed an organization that provides services using a combination of direct supports and partner relationships. We begin our work while women are in prison or jail and continue that work when they return to the community, offering supports for up to five years. Our programs and services include transitional housing, release planning, health and wellness, HIV services and supports, employment coaching and placement, case management, family education, and emergency services.

Specializing in Women's Reentry

We provide gender-responsive services to assist women in overcoming the unique challenges of transitioning home after a period of incarceration that improves their quality of life by providing a continuum of reentry programming. The CFLS continuum of care leads to permanent housing, employment, healthy parental relationships, and mental and physical health support.

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Together, we can do more to support justice-involved women in the District of Columbia.

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